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About the By-Products Exchange


This website is a meeting point for companies generating marine origin by-products and companies interested in using those products as a raw material for their processing activities

In the HOME page there’s a simple User manual for this by-products Market which is published in four languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Confidentiality: if you register as a generator or as a demander your personal data will not be available to third parties. The system will assign a specific code for you linked to your offers or demands

When registering you must fill in a form with some basic details. Once completed and sent the system automatically will send you an access code exclusively for your company. That code will allow you to access all the existent offers and demands

Inserting the by-products generated by your company doesn’t mean that you must have them in stock. The amounts assigned to the offers are just illustrative as a guide to know the quantity of by-product that a company can generate per year.

Neither prices nor conditions are detailed. If you wish to contact a specific company offering or demanding a by-product you may send an e-mail with some contact details to the company without revealing initially the identity of that company.

The system enables you to choose among a wide range of families of by-products and the original species. However, in case you’re interested in a product which is not in the list please send us a mail and we’ll include it immediately.


This fish by-products Market has been created in the framework of the project MARMED http://www.marmedproject.eu/ Development of innovating biomedical products from marine resources valorisation. It’s a European project funded by The Atlantic Area Transnational Cooperation Programme [2007-2013] which gathers 10 research institutions from 5 European countries in the Atlantic Area: Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and United Kingdom.

It aims to promote the by-products generated in the fishing activities, as well as marine organisms as a whole, through a less frequent and popular way as biomedical applications is. Among its different activities and tasks it’s especially remarkable the transfer of developments and implementations of actions to companies such as the introduction of this by-products market to foster the upgrading of marine by-products.

This market is the evolution of another one aroused within the Project BIOTECMAR (Biotechnological valorisation of marine products and by-products). A project co- financed by the European Union – ERDF - in the framework of the Transnational programme Atlantic area. The project gathers 12 partners (8 research/R&D institutions and 4 technological centres) from 4 different countries (Spain, France, Portugal and Ireland), www.biotecmar.eu. The main objective of BIOTECMAR was to set up and incorporate a fully integrated chain for the production of value added compounds derived from Atlantic marine resources.

The current market has taken advantage of the previous experience and we have added some improvements to make it more dynamic and user-friendly. We’ve tried to get a greater involvement of companies and institutions related to this field of activity as well as to promote the use of such by-products and marine organisms.

marmed - by products exchange
marmed - by products exchange
marmed - by products exchange